Types Of Leather Used In Bags

When you go out to purchase a bag the very first option which pops up in your mind is of leather bags. Because of their high durability, easy maintenance and graceful long life, leather made bags are always the first option which people consider. The fashion handbags and bags of different styles and variety may come and go, but the fashion and craze of leather bags is never going to be less.

Leather is obtained by tanning the skin of an animal. Cow is the most common source of leather but, there are many other animal skins which are also used for obtaining the leather such as sheep, pig, goat, alligators and many others.If you want to know more, click on the link.

Types of leather

There are many types of leather which are used in the making of bags. Some are of high quality while some are of low quality. Before making a purchase of leather bag make sure to check the quality of leather. Here are some types of leathers which are used such as –

Cowhide leather – this leather is obtained from the skin of cow. This leather is used in many different types of products such as in car seats, in furniture and in fashion accessories. This leather is considered as best quality leather and is always the best choice, if you are purchasing a bag, purse and handbag. The quality of this leather is highly durable and always gives you a lavish appeal.

Faux leather – this is artificial leather which gives you luxurious look. This leather always looks like high quality leather like cowhide leather but you can easily point out the difference. The faux leather is very durable and also available at very low price.

Lambskin leather – this leather is obtained from the skin of sheep. One of the major features of this leather is that it is of a very soft texture.

Patch leather – this leather is obtained by the combination of lambskin leather and cowhide. This leather is created by using a number of small pieces of both the leather. This leather is also of very high quality and very affordable as compared to other leathers.


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